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Our Story so Far…

Hi everyone I am Katie the owner of Acacia Style. I had my first job in retail in 2003 and in my first job I learned the importance of high standards, attention to detail, creative flare and offering genuine customer service. I took pride in maintaining standards and loved to learn and develop my skills within visual merchandising.

Fast forward to 2017 and I have learned a lot, worked and travelled all over the country and had many roles within the retail sector. The one thing that stood out to me though was that no matter how hard I tried, no matter how many hours I worked, no matter how much time I sacrificed with my family and no matter how many successes I had it was never going to be enough. Retail is a hard sector to work in as it takes a lot and gives very little back. I wanted to change this for myself as I love retail and couldn’t see my career taking me anywhere else but I needed more rewards.

I decided to open my own shop as I had the skills, knowledge, dedication, ambition and I wanted to work in an environment that challenged and rewarded me for my hard work. As a mum of two daughter’s I also wanted to be able to shop somewhere, which catered for my new evolving style. I was now a mum who didn’t feel comfortable wearing crop tops and revealing dresses so I was stuck as I felt I had two choices either shop where teenagers shop who look good in anything or shop where my mum and mother in law shop. NO I needed an alternative one that I wanted to offer, a shop where you can feel confident, sexy, comfortable and stylish hence the making of Acacia Style.

My shop opened on September 15th 2017 and I launched www.acaciastyle.co.uk April 9th 2018. It’s funny as I originally thought my shop would cater for women in their 30’s who felt they had been neglected in the world of fashion as they didn’t know where they fit in anymore. However since opening the doors to my shop I have learned that it is not only women in their 30’s who are trying to find their new style but also women in their 40’s,50, 60’s +. Women of all ages are trying to find their new identity as their style changes and we are all a bit tired of seeing the same prints and trends on the high street, so my mission and passion is to offer the alternative to all so my shop has no age limit. If you can feel confident, comfortable and sexy in your clothes you are winning.

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